Michael Robbins

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Michael Robbins is a seasoned unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology consultant with over 30 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design. He is a highly skilled UAV pilot with 10,000+ hours of flying experience on medium and heavy lift drones, including Helicopters, Fixed Wing, and various Multi-Rotor designs.

Throughout his career, Michael has worked with a diverse range of clients, including CA Fish and Wildlife, Monterey Bay Aquarium, PG&E, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Hearst Castle, San Diego Zoo, CA Parks and Recreation, East Bay Municipal Water District, CNN, Adobe, Oracle, HP, Science Channel, Cisco Systems, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Cirque Du Soleil, NASA, and network cable shows such as Treehouse Masters, Cabin Fever, World Access, Outrageous Acts of Science and hit series Mythbusters.

Recently Michael achieved a significant milestone in his career, becoming the first person in the world to build, pilot, and deploy a cell phone tower for Nokia-Bell Labs. He is an expert in the field, dedicated to advancing his passion for remote VTOL technology and delivering exceptional results for his clients.