Michael Robbins

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Michael Robbins has over 30 years of experience with Drone technology starting in 1984 when he built his first gas-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at 12 years old. Michael has since earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Design and Industry and is a commercial UAS pilot with more than 10,000 hours of experience on medium and heavy lift drones. Filming more than  $2.5 billion dollars in luxury property listings, Michael has also had the opportunity to work with companies such as California Fish and Wildlife, Monterey Bay Aquarium, PG&E, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Hearst Castle, California Parks and Recreation, CNN, Adobe, Oracle, HP, Science Channel, October Films, Cisco Systems, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NASA, Cirque Du Soleil and network cable shows such as Treehouse Masters, Cabin Fever, World Access, Outrageous Acts of Science and Mythbusters. Most recently Michael was the first person in the world to build, pilot and deploy a fully-functioning cell phone tower for Nokia / Bell Labs.